Forget Those Other Monkeys, Just Save the Bonobos

Given that our conservation resources are limited, perhaps we should leave all those other monkeys to fend for themselves, and focus on saving the bonobos!

The Future That’s Already Here

So many startling advances are being made today in machine learning, cloud computing, robotics, autonomous vehicles and virtual reality, that it’s easy to overlook biology.

VW – Can This Brand Be Saved?

My question is for Volkswagen’s senior execs: even if I like your cars, can I ever again trust your company?

Eight Failures, One Awesome Demo

A live demo can be a magical mix of storytelling, vision, and marketing – with the added thrill of knowing that at any moment everything could go horribly wrong.

Customer Communities and Lead Gen

How can you optimize the relationship between customer communities and lead gen?

What is There to Market?

Regardless of what vertical market you serve, if you make any kind of physical product, your industry is about to be disrupted by automated manufacturing.

Social Lead Gen – First Steps

We’re now creating leads that are coded as “social leads” – a first step toward measurable ROI.

A Few Sacred Spaces: No Facebook at the Dinner Table

When technology constantly distracts people from being alone, it damages their ability to form true relationships.

The Ten Million Dollar Hashtag

Observations on how the #ALSIceWaterChallenge increased donations to ALS research by more than $10-million in just one week.