Customer Communities and Lead Gen

How can you optimize the relationship between customer communities and lead gen?

Social Recruiting is Shifting the Definition of Career

Social networks are now helping redefine what it means to create a career, and to advance and innovate in a career.

Community of Amateurs Discovers Planets Around Other Stars

Unlike the work of a single scientist, a large online community can combine the independent assessments of many non-experts, thereby gaining the “wisdom of crowds” in which the group opinion is equal to or better than that of any one expert (or the best computer algorithms currently available).

Integrating Jive and Marketo for Social Marketing Analytics

Looking at how to best we can best integrate our user community’s platform, Jive Software, with our marketing automation system, Marketo.

Three Kinds of Community

People helping other people succeed? That’s what community is all about.

Work Hard, Play Softball

The elusive “work-life balance” that every Silicon Valley start-up strives for … must grow organically from the start.

Free Time, and Building Community

You can define community-building many different ways, but ultimately it comes down to forging connections between people.

Articulating the Identity of a Community

Getting a customer support community up and running effectively is a huge job.