Woodworking Jigs and Software Robots

Forrester Research recently released a report on the emergent field of robotic process automation (RPA) – software bots you train to recognize recurrent activities in your everyday apps and websites so they can perform those activities automatically. According to Forrester, by 2021 there will be more than four million robots doing administrative and sales-related tasks.

The Me in Social Media

Most social business tools are too focused on people’s activities, and not enough on a me-centric view that mirrors real human behavior.

Digital-Social Agencies, and Better-Fitting Pants

David Armano of Edelman Digital has posted a thoughtful piece about the changes roiling the agency world, especially for agencies moving to compete in the “digital-social” space (that is, all those wanting to survive). He focuses on five key vectors – adaptation of skill-sets, importing and exporting talent, supply and demand, integration, and ecosystem development. […]

Digital Influence is Real. Measuring It? Not So Much

Altimeter Research has released a new report on The Rise of Digital Influence, written by respected social media analyst Brian Solis. The report provides a good overview of an important, emergent topic in social business, and I’m grateful to Brian and his colleagues for sharing their original research. For now, however, I’m taking this whole […]

Migration to Cloud Computing Driven by Benefits, Not Cost Savings

On GigaOm recently, Barb Darrow reported that reducing costs is not the main reason companies are moving from on-site deployments to cloud computing. According to a survey of 600 large companies by Tata Consultancy Services (a huge IT service provider), the ability to standardize software and business processes across the enterprise is the most important […]

Implementing Enterprise 2.0 – Keys to Adoption

My Socialtext colleague Michael Idinopulos has written a terrific new blog post on How to Beat the Social Software Adoption Blues. I won’t bother rehashing his cogent insights, but I do want to draw your attention to his conclusions, which provide the most succinct checklist I’ve found for getting social media traction within an organization. […]

It’s About Secure Enterprise Micro-blogging

BrandPilgrim has a great new blog post on The Case for Enterprise Micro-blogging that deftly summarizes its main characteristics, uses, and benefits. It provides a pretty good explanation of why an organization would implement microblogging,  though one could quibble about a point here or there. But there’s one issue – an important issue – where I […]

The Wrong Way to Solve Email Overload

Email software vendor Xobni has released a new survey showing that people are addicted to email: 72% check email on weekends or while on vacation; 42% check email while off sick; and 19% even check email while in bed; Those numbers sound believable, but I really can’t go along with their suggested solution: manage those […]

Where to Find Engaging Workspace Content

In designing and building out enterprise collaboration systems, we often grapple with the question of where to obtain the content that will attract people to a new workspace, and effectively encourage them to participate. First, to put the question in perspective: Over time, workspace content can become an indispensable knowledge-base and competitive advantage for an organization. […]

Enterprise 2.0 – Three Lessons from Biology 101

Biology 101 was among my favorite college courses, in part because of the beauty revealed by the microscope, and in part because of the amazing discoveries then emerging about living things and the way they self-organize. I feel the same way today about enterprise collaboration; people in organizations are doing amazing, beautiful things with social media […]