Enterprise 2.0 – Three Lessons from Chemistry 101

As a freshman sciences major, I sailed through courses in math, physics, biology, and astronomy – but struggled a bit with chemistry. A couple of my early experiments generated colorful bubbling liquids not mentioned in the study guide, so after one particularly exothermic afternoon in the lab, a kindly graduate student took me aside and reminded me that there […]

Enterprise 2.0 – Three Lessons from Biology 101

Biology 101 was among my favorite college courses, in part because of the beauty revealed by the microscope, and in part because of the amazing discoveries then emerging about living things and the way they self-organize. I feel the same way today about enterprise collaboration; people in organizations are doing amazing, beautiful things with social media […]

Extracting Meaning from your Twitter Stream

Part of Twitter’s allure is that it’s always on, yet you have a life to live, so no matter how often you dip into the stream you’ve always missed something interesting. Of course, you can always find things via search, or through hashtags (those words preceded by # that are sprinkled inside some tweets as […]

Enterprise Learning from Morbidity and Mortality

In building out enterprise collaboration systems, I often see implementation practices in one area that can be successfully applied elsewhere. Lately, I’ve noticed that the hospitals I work with all have regularly scheduled “M & Ms” – Morbidity & Mortality reviews, in which doctors and other clinicians analyze complications in patient care to better understand […]