Social Lead Gen – First Steps

We’re now creating leads that are coded as “social leads” – a first step toward measurable ROI.

A Few Sacred Spaces: No Facebook at the Dinner Table

When technology constantly distracts people from being alone, it damages their ability to form true relationships.

The Ten Million Dollar Hashtag

Observations on how the #ALSIceWaterChallenge increased donations to ALS research by more than $10-million in just one week.

Social Recruiting is Shifting the Definition of Career

Social networks are now helping redefine what it means to create a career, and to advance and innovate in a career.

The Conversation Prism – A Useful Perspective on Social Media

For social marketers, the Conversation Prism provides a great visual reminder of the many different platforms and tools available for finding, understanding, and connecting with your customers

Community of Amateurs Discovers Planets Around Other Stars

Unlike the work of a single scientist, a large online community can combine the independent assessments of many non-experts, thereby gaining the “wisdom of crowds” in which the group opinion is equal to or better than that of any one expert (or the best computer algorithms currently available).

Integrating Jive and Marketo for Social Marketing Analytics

Looking at how to best we can best integrate our user community’s platform, Jive Software, with our marketing automation system, Marketo.

Why the @#^* am I Doing Social Marketing Analytics in Excel?

It’s the first of the month, it’s getting late, and once again I’m still at my desk staring at a spreadsheet, trying to put together all the pieces of my company’s social media footprint. In Excel? In this day and age? Isn’t there a better way to for B2B social marketers to collect, aggregate and analyze key […]

Three Reasons for Not Sharing Your LinkedIn Connections

Sharing is the keystone of the collaborative economy. It’s also why LinkedIn has a market cap of over $18-billion. When you join LinkedIn, by default all your connections are able to view the detailed profiles of all your other connections. Is that what you want? Actually, there are five good reasons why – in most cases – […]

Can Careful Timing Get You More Retweets?

As a social marketer, I’m always curious about techniques to increase Twitter engagement rates, so I’ve read a number of articles and blog posts about the “optimal” time of day for tweeting. Often based on data provided by a URL-shortening service (such as the chart above), these stories focus on what time of day and […]