Ode to a Pencil

In the woodworking shop, a pencil’s a precision marking tool – if it’s sharp. For years, I’ve been using your basic office-suppy HBs for everything from dovetail joints to the Sunday New York Times crossword, even though they’re impossible to really sharpen, and the leads break constantly. My friends up at Lee Valley in Canada have […]

Customer Success: Aligning Marketing & Sales

There’s a great new case study on the Socialtext web site exploring how Amsterdam-based publishing giant Elsevier is using Socialtext’s collaboration platform to significantly improve coordination throughout its global sales and marketing teams. I’m delighted with this use case, because it encapsulates three key vectors I believe are essential for successful SaaS implementations: 1.  It’s […]

Enterprise 2.0 – Three Lessons from Chemistry 101

As a freshman sciences major, I sailed through courses in math, physics, biology, and astronomy – but struggled a bit with chemistry. A couple of my early experiments generated colorful bubbling liquids not mentioned in the study guide, so after one particularly exothermic afternoon in the lab, a kindly graduate student took me aside and reminded me that there […]