Pogoplug Launches DIY Onsite Private Cloud: A Cheap Alternative for Small Businesses

Cloud computing isn’t just for the enterprise – many small businesses are starting to move some of their content to the cloud, typically through public cloud solutions such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. With today’s release of Pogoplug Teams, really small companies looking to get into cloud storage have an even cheaper, though […]

Migration to Cloud Computing Driven by Benefits, Not Cost Savings

On GigaOm recently, Barb Darrow reported that reducing costs is not the main reason companies are moving from on-site deployments to cloud computing. According to a survey of 600 large companies by Tata Consultancy Services (a huge IT service provider), the ability to standardize software and business processes across the enterprise is the most important […]

Google’s Cloud Drive – Cumulus, Stratus, or Cirrus?

The cloud storage community is aflutter this week with news that Google is planning to release a service, called “Drive” or “G-Drive”, that would let you store images, videos, music and documents on Google’s servers, making your content accessible from any device. Reports suggest users would receive five or ten gigabytes of storage free, with options to […]