Free Time, and Building Community

You can define community-building many different ways, but ultimately it comes down to forging connections between people.

The Awesome Value of Community

More than just a shared concern, a community is a shared identity, and joining a community redefines the possibility of who you are.

Choosing a Cloud Storage / Synchronization Vendor

When I worked at Socialtext in Palo Alto, one of the brightest people there was Alan Lepofsky, then director of marketing. Alan, who’s based in Toronto, now works at Constellation Research where he covers the enterprise collaboration software market. In a recent blog post on File Sharing and Synchronization Services, Alan lists many of the key vendors that he’s […]

Review: Cognitive Surplus

In his new book, Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age, NYU communications professor Clay Shirky forecasts a big increase in creativity and expression over the next few years, as people stop consuming so much television, and devote some of that time – even a small fraction of that time – to interacting with each […]

Enterprise 2.0 – Three Lessons from Biology 101

Biology 101 was among my favorite college courses, in part because of the beauty revealed by the microscope, and in part because of the amazing discoveries then emerging about living things and the way they self-organize. I feel the same way today about enterprise collaboration; people in organizations are doing amazing, beautiful things with social media […]

Why Prototyping is Like the Tango

The professional services group I work in is dedicated to implementation – getting customers up and running with our platform so that they become addicted to it, expand its use throughout their organizations, and renew. That last part, renewal, is crucial, because of the economics of enterprise SaaS (software as a service): in general, it costs […]

Why Do Enterprise 2.0 Pilot Projects Succeed or Fail?

In an excellent new blog post (8 Guiding Principles for Pilot Projects), Ross Dawson takes a look at pilot projects for enterprise 2.0 tools, and provides an overview on how to build and assess effective pilots. The pilot project is just one of the elements in Dawson’s useful Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework (shown below). I’d […]

Life is Short, so Signal This Edit

Over the past few years, Socialtext has built out its social software platform to include people profiles, customized Dashboards, blogs and wikis, and the Socialcalc collaborative spreadsheet. But one of the biggest boosts to Socialtext’s success has been last year’s introduction of Signals, a micro-blogging tool that’s similar to Twitter, except that it resides securely […]

Passion, Enterprise Collaboration, and World of Warcraft

In A Better Way to Manage Knowledge, a recent post on the Harvard Business Review blog, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown share some interesting ideas on what they call “creation spaces — places where individuals and teams interact and collaborate within a broader learning ecology so that performance accelerates.” This is a central […]

Enterprise Learning from Morbidity and Mortality

In building out enterprise collaboration systems, I often see implementation practices in one area that can be successfully applied elsewhere. Lately, I’ve noticed that the hospitals I work with all have regularly scheduled “M & Ms” – Morbidity & Mortality reviews, in which doctors and other clinicians analyze complications in patient care to better understand […]