Why Do Enterprise 2.0 Pilot Projects Succeed or Fail?

In an excellent new blog post (8 Guiding Principles for Pilot Projects), Ross Dawson takes a look at pilot projects for enterprise 2.0 tools, and provides an overview on how to build and assess effective pilots. The pilot project is just one of the elements in Dawson’s useful Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework (shown below). I’d […]

Who’s Buying?

I’ve spent millions of dollars on software over the years, both as a systems integrator and as a business owner. I know firsthand that the right software, when properly applied, can be crucial to an organization’s success. I was reminded of this again recently while helping a large company build out an internal collaboration platform […]

Beyond the Use Case

I work in the Professional Services group at an Enterprise 2.0 software vendor, so I’m well aware that most companies licensing our collaboration platform do so because they have a specific application in mind – a use case. But lately, I’ve started to suspect that too much attention is given to the use case throughout […]

Twitterville: My Kind of Town

Shel Israel’s new book Twitterville has modest ambitions – providing an overview of how Twitter is currently being used for business. It’s a quick read that doesn’t attempt the impossible task of cataloging all of Twitter’s enterprise possibilities, or spend much time comparing Twitter with other kinds of communications and collaboration tools. But it’s precisely […]