Facebook Ecosystem: Marketing, Mobile & My That’s A Lot of Photos

Three interesting data points from last Friday’s TechCrunch Facebook Ecosystem Conference in Redwood City: Advertisers want analytics, mobile is brutal, and pictures are priceless.

comScore: Facebook Dominates Time Spent on Social Networks

As of August 2011, 90% of all time on social networks was spent on Facebook.

Take the Long View: Google Gets Social

In a new post, Three Key Things Google Is Doing While We Focus on Google+, Steve Rubel at Edelman points to some interesting evidence that Google is really starting to get social.

Tweets and Photos Shape the World

Location data from tweets and Flickr images creates a map of the connected world.

Who Are You Online?

If Google+ can successfully tap into innate human behaviors around families and clans, the company could finally have a credible challenger in social media – and digital identity.

Review: Cognitive Surplus

In his new book, Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age, NYU communications professor Clay Shirky forecasts a big increase in creativity and expression over the next few years, as people stop consuming so much television, and devote some of that time – even a small fraction of that time – to interacting with each […]