Google’s Cloud Drive – Cumulus, Stratus, or Cirrus?

The cloud storage community is aflutter this week with news that Google is planning to release a service, called “Drive” or “G-Drive”, that would let you store images, videos, music and documents on Google’s servers, making your content accessible from any device. Reports suggest users would receive five or ten gigabytes of storage free, with options to […]

Social Content Curation – The Next Big Thing?

In a new blog post, How Pinterest Will Transform the Web in 2012: Social Content Curation As The Next Big Thing, serial tech entrepreneur Elad Gil brings into focus one of the key trends now roiling the Web – the value added by people assessing the relevance of content. Gil describes how, over the last […]

Take the Long View: Google Gets Social

In a new post, Three Key Things Google Is Doing While We Focus on Google+, Steve Rubel at Edelman points to some interesting evidence that Google is really starting to get social.

Who Are You Online?

If Google+ can successfully tap into innate human behaviors around families and clans, the company could finally have a credible challenger in social media – and digital identity.