It’s About Secure Enterprise Micro-blogging

BrandPilgrim has a great new blog post on The Case for Enterprise Micro-blogging that deftly summarizes its main characteristics, uses, and benefits. It provides a pretty good explanation of why an organization would implement microblogging,  though one could quibble about a point here or there. But there’s one issue – an important issue – where I […]

Extracting Meaning from your Twitter Stream

Part of Twitter’s allure is that it’s always on, yet you have a life to live, so no matter how often you dip into the stream you’ve always missed something interesting. Of course, you can always find things via search, or through hashtags (those words preceded by # that are sprinkled inside some tweets as […]

Life is Short, so Signal This Edit

Over the past few years, Socialtext has built out its social software platform to include people profiles, customized Dashboards, blogs and wikis, and the Socialcalc collaborative spreadsheet. But one of the biggest boosts to Socialtext’s success has been last year’s introduction of Signals, a micro-blogging tool that’s similar to Twitter, except that it resides securely […]