Three Reasons for Not Sharing Your LinkedIn Connections

Sharing is the keystone of the collaborative economy. It’s also why LinkedIn has a market cap of over $18-billion. When you join LinkedIn, by default all your connections are able to view the detailed profiles of all your other connections. Is that what you want? Actually, there are five good reasons why – in most cases – […]

Enterprise 2.0 – Three Lessons from Biology 101

Biology 101 was among my favorite college courses, in part because of the beauty revealed by the microscope, and in part because of the amazing discoveries then emerging about living things and the way they self-organize. I feel the same way today about enterprise collaboration; people in organizations are doing amazing, beautiful things with social media […]

We Self-Organize Around Groups

At Socialtext, we roll out a new version of our software to customers’ appliances once a month, and always get some great feedback. But this month, the excitement and engagement I heard when talking with customers was unprecedented – because Socialtext now supports Groups. Over the past seven years, the Socialtext platform has evolved to […]

Life is Short, so Signal This Edit

Over the past few years, Socialtext has built out its social software platform to include people profiles, customized Dashboards, blogs and wikis, and the Socialcalc collaborative spreadsheet. But one of the biggest boosts to Socialtext’s success has been last year’s introduction of Signals, a micro-blogging tool that’s similar to Twitter, except that it resides securely […]

Who’s Buying?

I’ve spent millions of dollars on software over the years, both as a systems integrator and as a business owner. I know firsthand that the right software, when properly applied, can be crucial to an organization’s success. I was reminded of this again recently while helping a large company build out an internal collaboration platform […]