Sunlight, Water, Wind & Waves

This starkly beautiful beach house south of Santa Cruz, CA was designed by renowned California architect William Turnbull in 1971 for Sandy and Barbara Tatum and their six children, the youngest of whom is now my wife. Watching our four-year-old son playing with an old dollhouse recently, I was struck by how cool it would be to build him a […]

Ode to a Pencil

In the woodworking shop, a pencil’s a precision marking tool – if it’s sharp. For years, I’ve been using your basic office-suppy HBs for everything from dovetail joints to the Sunday New York Times crossword, even though they’re impossible to really sharpen, and the leads break constantly. My friends up at Lee Valley in Canada have […]

Aromatic Cedar

After countless hours in front of the computer, there’s nothing I find more relaxing than heading out to the woodshop, to design and build furniture, toys, and the occasional sculpture. My latest project is a blanket box – solid cherry with cherry-veneer solid-core plywood, lined with aromatic cedar. It’s been fun to build a larger […]