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The Conversation Prism – A Useful Perspective on Social Media

ConvoPrismSocial marketing has been evolving rapidly the past few years, and one of the more useful tools for tracking the underlying social media landscape is the Conversation Prism, a visual representation of the key companies that make up the social ecosystem.

Developed in 2008 by social marketing strategist Brian Solis and revised annually, the Conversation Prism maps out the hundreds of social networks that go way beyond the major brands like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The 2014 version was released recently, with updated categories that include social streams, social curation, social analytics, location, crowd wisdom, community management, blogs / microblogs and many others.

For social marketers, the Conversation Prism provides a great visual reminder of how broad and wide the digital economy is today, and the many platforms and tools that can be used to find, understand, and connect with customers. You can download various sizes of the digital version of the Conversation Prism, or buy a poster version, at: https://conversationprism.com/



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