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Visualizing a Twitter Stream

Vizify graphi of analytics they performed on sampel Twitter feed (@michaerlkieran)Twitter is great for listening to what is going on in the world, in real time. You can filter for the specific topics you’re interested, just by choosing the Twitter feeds you follow, and by using hashtags and lists.

But Twitter lacks historical context – there’s no way to easily see, over time, what’s happened with a particular conversation, a hashtag, or an individual Twitter feed.

A data visualization startup called Vizify has filled in one piece of this puzzle with a cool little toy called #FollowMe that generates a short video “highlight reel” based around the content  in any Twitter account.

The tool aggregates all the photos and videos tweeted by the account, the timing of tweets, the main topics and hashtags used, and the tweet that generated the greatest engagement (retweets, mentions, and links clicked). The videos it creates are fascinating, and in some cases hilarious.

Vizify’s CEO and co-founder Todd Silverstein describes Twitter in terms of a global conversation: “They have that whole in-the-moment, rapid-fire, what’s-happening-now thing nailed down. And yet when you step back from it and draw a picture of it over a longer period of time it becomes a really powerful tool for self-reflection. Unlike reading someone’s stream, this is just a really accessible, playful, fun way to get a quick a feel for what someone’s all about.”

You can check it out at https://www.vizify.com/twitter-video/

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